Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2017

Screenshot 2017-10-31 12.11.18

by: @veeealv

The Sixth-year anniversary of Camp Flog Gnaw hosted by the one and only Tyler The Creator followed its two day weekend tradition at the Exposition Park in Los Angeles, on Saturday, Oct. 28th and Sunday, Oct. 29th.


Walking in, you’re immediately amazed at everything this festival has to offer. From the mouth-watering food truck options to the thrilling carnival rides, you are well aware you’re going to leave this place 100% satisfied. Having a variety of genres including Punk band Fidlar, Singer-Songwriter Lana Del Ray, Electronic house Justice, and Rappers like A$ap Rocky, 2chainz, Kid Cudi; there’s something for everyone at this all-ages festival to enjoy.


Starting Saturday, everyone was curious to find who the special guest was going to turn out to be; it’s safe to say there was no disappointment in finding out that the talented Mac Demarco was performing. Later on the night Tyler, The Creator filled the Camp Stage while everyone got ready to sing along to his new Flower Boy album that dropped July 21st, 2017. Let’s just say he had the most popular set that day for a reason. Finishing his performance walking out of the stage yelling that he just “bodied that shit” and later tweeted “wow that shit was fire o m g” so it’s safe to say his set was a huge success and exceeded even his expectations.


Let’s not forget to mention all the merch sold. There was everything from hats to sweaters sold to everyone who wanted to take back home a piece of the festival with them. Though the Golf Tent, in particular, featured a new Fall collection from Tyler’s clothing line, Golf Wang. Sources say by the second day you waited for a 30-minute line to find out most everything was sold out. Bummer.


Sunday came around quick, and although the sun was beaming a little too hot during the afternoon it was the perfect day to hang by the beer garden, walk around, and in my case wait patiently for my all-time favorite artist Kid Cudi to headline the festival. Luckily, if you are also an OFWGKTA fan, by the second day you would’ve gotten a chance to see all your favorites like TYLER, MIKE G, LEFTBRAIN, SYD, DOMO, TACO, HODGY, and EARL SWEATSHIRT. (which by the way, all nailed their performances.) Fast-forward to the end of the night – we had A$ap Rocky creating the best possible havoc with the crowd bringing out PlayBoi Cardi, Tyler, and Lil Yachty. Solange being merely beautiful yet still having the ability to go crazy and sweat to 808s drop was also amazing. Last but not least, the infamous Kid Cudi made a grand return playing everything from his oldest albums to his newest Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin was just unbelievable.


So I will leave you with a “CFG” inspired playlist and a big thank you once again to the aspiring, talented rapper himself Tyler, the creator for making Camp Flog Gnaw a beautiful, inviting festival where everyone can come out and enjoy music together.


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