How Weed Affects My Life In College

My first year as an undergrad transfer is nearing its end. The friends, classes and opportunities I’ve experienced have been nothing short of amazing. But with positive experiences come struggling moments.


As a 21-year-old, being a college student is, & I can’t emphasize this enough, S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L. Homework, the long hours of studying for that intense cumulative midterm and/or final, and don’t forget the pressure in opening up and meeting new people.

But, there is always something that had my back. The one thing that ensured me that everything was under my control, that I was just “overthinking.” It’s weed.

Beautiful, sweet Mary Jane. It never lets me down. In fact, Marijuana alleviates most aspects of my lifestyle.

What Do I Mean By Most Aspects?

A recent study conducted by a weed company named Inhale Labs finds that 75.2 percent of students classified as daily or near-daily users reported feeling more productive under the influence of marijuana, according to

Let me emphasize on how I relate to that study.

After a long day of working in the newsroom at the college of journalism that I attend, all I want to do is just get home, chill out, eat and smoke. Once I arrive, I immediately pack my tiny, cool bong named Delilah and start cooking up a nice meal.

After, I begin to study and complete the assignments that are due later in the week. I get this feeling of determination to get my responsibilities done. In a matter of hours, I’m set for the rest of the week. And that’s usually how my Mondays and Tuesdays are for me.

Not Only For Productive Reasons

I suffer from joint problem in my knees, it tends to take most of the pain away. It also cures my undesirable hangover after a weekend of going out (you’ll be doing that a lot in college). Plus, it just makes everything more enjoyable. I highly recommend blazing up with friends.

On the other hand, I’m not claiming that I smoke every day. Although I’m condoning it, be smart about it too. DO NOT get extremely high the day before an important exam that you haven’t even begun to study for.

In other words, weed has been great to me and it may also be great for you too. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, and always smoke responsibly.

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