3 Reasons Your Brand Should be Present on Social Media

Can you believe there was a time where people thought social media was a passing fad?

To no surprise almost 93% of brands have a social media presence. Social Media’s widespread use as a platform to connect with both family and friends gives businesses a chance to connect with a large number of people. It provides one of the best ways to reach your target audience on a platform that has their attention. There are many reasons why your brand should have a presence on social media. Here are 3.

rawpixel-com-2361431. Market where your audience is

A large amount of potential consumers are on social media. Connecting with consumers in a way that they will respond is an important part of marketing your brand. Social media has changed the game of marketing as we are now able to subtly introduce products and services to an audience without asking them to do anything extra.

2. Easy to find your Brand

Establishing your brand on social media helps you find your target audience, and lets them find you as well. Hashtags ( # ) have become a new way to search or tag a product/service on social media. Developing a unique hashtag and placing in your bio will also help your audience connect with you and like consumers.

3. Establish trust and relationships

Being able to communicate with the audience you are marketing to is a powerful tool that does not exist in traditional marketing. Brands can go the extra mile to share their story or journey on social media to develop an emotional connection with their audience. A brands presence on social media creates trust within a consumer and can be the beginning to a lead or relationship with the brand.

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