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Trying New Things

One of the best trends in the weed industry is edibles. From baked goods and candy to pizza sauce and drinks, nothing has been left untouched. In the spirit of trying new things, both literally and figuratively, I’ve decided to try the new Half & Half G-Drink by GFarmaLabs. Oh yeah, did I mention it contains 210mgs?

This concoction of hybrid cannabis oil, lemonade, and iced tea comes in a sleek glass bottle. The color is a mixture of orange and tan, and opening it, you can smell the citrus. The scent of the marijuana, while present, is not overpowering.

preview-full-DSC05798The dosage in this drink is the highest I’ve had, so I expect a strong weed taste, not unlike a stiff Jack & Coke. The first sip is not unlike this; it has a bite, but it’s not as bad as one would think. In fact, it’s a complicated taste, with the flavor of lemons and tea and dare-I-say a bit of peach, all blending together. A couple more gulps and the bite of the oil is gone, though perhaps my tongue is simply numb.

I’m halfway through the bottle in about ten minutes, and it takes only another few minutes for it kick in. This also surprises me, since I had just finished a large meal. Within the hour, I’ve finished the drink, watching something humorous on Netflix, and I feel fantastic, a great body high. I feel relaxed, with the occasional giggles.

The next morning, finishing this review, I realize I’ve had a great night sleep. My only regret is not having another bottle in my fridge. I definitely recommend this drink to anyone who loves cannabis. It hits fast, tastes good, and doesn’t leave you groggy the next day. The quality is as high as you will be.


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